Training of Human Resources of the Scientific and Technological System

CIC has several instruments to finance and support the training of human resources:

  • Scholarships for University students are aimed at encouraging students to get into the scientific system, and also to help students acquire professional skills. These Scholarships are focused on all areas of knowledge and may be funded by both Universities and Companies.

  • Other type of Scholarships offered by the institution are those targeted at graduate students of all fields of knowledge that want to go through a PhD program. These Doctoral Scholarships comprise a 5 year period, so that students can complete their Doctoral Thesis. In addition, they may be funded in association with Universities, or companies by means of specific agreements.

  • Postdoctoral Scholarships are considered a necessary complement to provide a transitional step after finishing the PhD program. After a Postdoc position, those that seek to follow a Research Career are invited submit an application to become a researcher at CIC.

  • The Research and Development Technician Career is targeted at professionals and/or technicians who may contribute with their work to help researchers develop their ideas and research plans.

  • Scientific Technological Research Career at CIC is targeted at Ph. D. graduates of different disciplines that are selected based on their scientific and/or technological achievements. CIC Researchers work either in Research Institutes owned by CIC, associated ones or at Universities located at the State of Buenos Aires.