What is CIC?

The Scientific Research Commission of the State of Buenos Aires (CIC) is an institution whose main goal is to develop Scientific and Technological Research, in order to generate knowledge and technological solutions that may create an impact on people's life, and hence improve society's life quality. This may be achieved by training human resources, strengthening the R+D+I Centers and establishing a strategic alliance with the different Research Federal Agencies like INTI, CONICET and INTA, along with National Universities located within the State of Buenos Aires.

CIC has the mission of executing Science, Technology and Innovation policies as defined by the State through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. To achieve this, the organism focuses in four main goals:

  • Develop Human Resources in order to build the Scientific and Technological System of the State through scholarships for PhD students, as well as positions for Researchers.

  • Strengthen Research, Development and Innovation activities within the network of Research Centers.

  • Define, evaluate and implement Research or Technological Projects linked to the main interests of companies within the State of Buenos Aires.

  • Organize and manage the Scientific – Technological System of CIC.